Dear Friend,

At last you can format practically any type of text or HTML email to perfection every single time, quickly and easily.

No more struggling with bloated word processing software programs designed to do a million and one things you don't need, when all you want is to get your email written, format it properly and zap it out to your list or drop it into your follow up autoresponder system!

If you're familiar with my products and my business you'll already know that I'm always looking for a way to simplify things. To make things easier for me, my customers and my staff. To free up spare time for the more important things.

If you're like me then you've got at least one autoresponder filled with follow up messages and frequently broadcast email messages to your mailing list. I know I do and man, if you're not super careful it's really easy to make mistakes!

Have you ever sent a broadcast message to your customers, resellers or subscribers then realized after it was too late that you forgot the autoresponder limit was 58 characters a line, not 62?

When that happens your messages end up wrapping in a
funny way like this, where there's one or two words on their
own line.

In the past I used to get email from people all the time pointing this stuff out. Of course once the message is out it's too late to do anything about it. You can't go back and fix it. That's why it's crucial to make sure your formatting is correct before sending your mail out.


One time I sent out a message with a really long URL and it ended up wrapping onto two lines. For some reason half the internet population couldn't click it and I got a ton of mail about it the next day. Since the URL wrapped that meant people couldn't click through to the site and order.

Frankly, it's embarrasing! Even worse, I lost a ton of sales over it.

Anyway, I finally got so fed up with this that I created a fool-proof way to make sure that I never messed up another autoresponder message again!

Introducing the Push Button Text Formatter program:

Maybe you've heard of my Push Button Letters Software. If so, you know it's an extremely simple to use program that allows you to "fill in the blanks, click a button and out pops your sales letter", already formatted and ready to use.

The Push Button Text Formatter program is similar.

You select the type of formatting you want for your pre-written message, paste your message into the program, click a button and when you're done you've got a perfectly formatted email to send to your list or load up in your autoresponder system.

Nice and simple. Of course you have to write your own email message, but you can do this inside the program if you want. There's unlimited space to write as much as you want.

Using programs like Microsoft Word or Word Perfect are okay -- if you're planning on writing a novel.

Trimmed down text editors like TextPad or NotePad are fine, but half the time they've got the "word wrap" feature built so far inside the darn thing it takes you forever to figure it out.

Some of my staff have been using TextPad for 2 years now and STILL don't know where the darn feature is. They managed to find something called "reformat" but never found the "format" option in the first place. It's crazy!

Here's exactly how the program works:

All you do is write your autoresponder message then open the Push Button Format program, enter the desired line length that matches the maximum output of your autoresponder or mailing list software (eg: 58 or 64 characters per line), choose any advanced features you want and submit.

Then grab your text, paste it into your autoresponder and hit send.

Like I said, it's simple to use.

Here's a few screen captures to show you what the program looks like.

The first option is where you tell the program how many characters per line you want to use. If you're using an autoresponder the service you use will tell you what the maximum number of characters is per line. I don't recommend you use the maximum though.

Next up is the advanced text alignment feature which lets you align to the center, left or right.

If you've accidentally written a long paragraph in UPPERCASE letters, just click and change to lowercase automatically.

Want to indent your paragraphs by 2, 5 or 10 characters? Just type in the desired indentation number. It also works for including left or right margins and body indentations.

This is handy if you're sending a professional letter to potential JV partners, customers, resellers, or just about anyone else you want to do business with.

Handy "find and replace" feature lets you do quick edits on your text anytime.

Just enter the text you want to replace and submit. Everything's done for you automatically, within seconds.

Specify important URL's or lines to exclude from wrapping.

If you're including long URL's in your text and you want to make sure they don't wrap, just paste those into these form fields and they'll remain intact while the text around them wraps.

Remember, if your URL's wrap to two lines then some of your customers may not be able to click them. That can mean lost sales and a whole lot of extra customer support email the next day!

Unlimited room for your email text. Works for long and short email letters. Just write your email, then copy the text and paste. Or just access the program and write your message inside the text window.

Here's what the newly formatted text looks like when you're done:

Unlimited "undo" option lets you try various types of formatting until you find one that's right for you.

I don't like being restricted on the number of times I can undo something so I had this program created with no restrictions on this.

Did you just format your email for one autoresponder at 60 characters per line, only to find out that your secondary autoresponder only lets you go as high as 58 characters?

Just enter the new figure. You don't even need to click UNDO. Just enter in another number of characters and re-submit. Your text is reformatted to the new length.

The program works in reverse too so you can increase or decrease line length with the click of a button. Let's say you format your email for 52 characters a line then want to change that to 60, just click and it's done.

Best of all, you can UNDO your formatting unlimited times so if you make a mistake you don't need to start again.


It's easy to get instant unlimited access to the Push Button Formatter Program. Just click the order link below. Your credit card will be charged the low fee of only $10 a month for as long as you own the program.


This is a web based program that you access online so it works for Windows, MAC and Web TV users. You get unlimited access so you can use it as often as you like for as long as you own the program.

If you order by midnight tonight , you'll also receive the following bonuses:

Bonus One: A hot new powerful, results-pulling HTML email template delivered to your inbox every month!

The email template is ready to send out to your list, to your resellers or to your JV partners. Just plug your email information in and it's ready to send.

Here's just one example of the type of HTML templates you will receive:

Each HTML email template will be professionally designed using cutting edge creativity and every 30 days a new one will be delivered right to your inbox. This means that you can continue to send brilliant looking email month after month.

Included with each HTML email template are custom images you can use to easily create your own unique design.

For example, the image in the top left corner of your first template can be interchanged with any of the following:

There's room for your own personal photo and unlimited ezine, newsletter, email course or JV proposal text. Just type right over top the placeholder text, save and send.

You get your first HTML template 24 hours after ordering!

Notice: While there ARE other HTML email templates available on the web most all of them we've seen are look somewhere between horrendous or plain and boring.
Definitely not the kind of thing you want to send to your resellers, customers and JV partners.

There is one exception to that. I've seen one or two services that had templates on par with ours but you had to use their expensive bulk mailing service in order to get the templates.

Bonus Two:  Marlon's Hot Sheet on "How to Avoid Problems and Pitfalls When Sending Your HTML Email".

In addition if you order by midnight tonight you will also receive Marlon's hot sheet on "How To Avoid Problems and Pitfalls When Sending Your HTML Email".

The hot sheet covers such issues as:

What about AOL Users?
Can they see your HTML letters?

What about Yahoo or Hotmail?
Do you need to do any special formatting for Yahoo or Hotmail users?

What do you do with the images?
(That's a big one because you can easily mess up your HTML email if you don't know what to do with the images. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this and if you're not careful you can really mess this up!)

What about Eudora?
Can all Eudora users read your HTML email or only some versions? What if someone's using the free Eudora program?

What about Pegasus?
Maybe you've heard that Pegasus email users can't read HTML email. Is this true or not?

Which autoresponders can you use to send HTML email?
Some autoresponders only let you send text. Find out which ones you can use to broadcast your HTML email.

The one crucial bit of code you MUST include and why.
If you're sending HTML email there's one small piece of code that you've got to include. We'll tell you what that is and why.

By the way, the text formatter and the HTML email templates work together because you still have to format your HTML email text to a specific line length in case someone is using an email program with images disabled.

The "Hot Sheet" is delivered to you by email immediately after you order.

Bonus Three: Marlon's exclusive 14 week course called "How to Write Emails That Make People Click, Act and Buy!".

Finally if you order before you will also receive Marlon's exclusive, 14 week course called "How to Write Emails that Make People Click, Act and Buy!".

This email course is not available in any of Marlon's products, nor, in fact, is it available anywhere else at any price.

It contains data you have not read anywhere else on how to write emails that get responded to.

Your first email course arrives in 3 days. After that you get one new email course every 7 days for 14 weeks.

To order just click the link below!

Your credit card will be charged the low fee of only $10 a month for as long as you own the program.


You can cancel your subscription to the Push Button Formatter Program at anytime and you won't be charged a dime more.

Of course that means you won't continue to receive rockin' new HTML email templates every 30 days or the exclusive 14 week course called "How to Write Email That Make People Click, Act and Buy".

Your first monthly HTML email template arrives within 24 hours from the time of ordering. Your first weekly course arrives in 3 days.

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders

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