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Want to make $5 a month PER person just for sending an email?

It's simple to do.

Just make sure you're signed up as a reseller with our program first. If you already have a 6 digit Reseller ID from Marlon then copy the letter below, change the six XXXXXX in the URL to YOUR 6 digit reseller ID and send the letter to your list.

If you're not already signed up just go to this URL and fill in the form:

After signing up you'll get a 6 digit ID number.

Take that ID number, return to this page and grab the letter below then send that out to your customers or subscribers.

Everytime someone orders the Push Button Format program through your link, you'll earn $5 commission. The product is sold as a subscription on a monthly basis so every month when their subscription is automatically renewed your associate account will be credited with $5 more.

Copy the entire letter below: ------------------>

Dear Friend,

At last you can format practically any type of text
or HTML email to perfection every single time,
quickly and easily.


Click here for details:

If you grab the new Push Button Format program today
you'll also get new drop dead HTML email templates to
use every single month to boost your response, PLUS
a course by Marlon on "How to write emails that make
people buy" and Marlon's Hot Sheet on "How To Avoid
Problems and Pitfalls When Sending HTML Email!"

Click here for details:

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

End of copy/paste code: ---------------------->

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